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Vadim Khamuttskikh in Mass Media



Here Frenchman serves so, that the ball jumps aside from Verbovs’ arms straight to the referees table, but Khamuttskikh managed to save the ball in the game, almost crushing furniture of Themis’s servers.

The fans found out about the players mood to the match very soon: Russians could do almost everything in the game, there was no fuss or nervousness.  If you can say so, they played thoroughly. And just before the beginning of the second set our setter Vadim Khamuttskikh, with a smile, made a face to the operator, and it is obvious, if our guys play with smile, it means they are sure in the victory.

Once again the veteran of national team Vadim Khamuttskikh entertained the public, time after time tricking Poland blockers with really circus feats.  Really good episode was when our setter, by all his moves showed that he will pass the ball back, set it to the net, and Andrey Egorchev, waiting for it, easily spiked this “nail” into the pitch.

Vadim Khamuttskikh is always notable on the pitch because of his emotions and bright manner of game. His sets and unique combinations, amazing feeling of team interactions and priceless experience – you already can’t imagine modern volleyball without it. 35-year-old athlete often accentuate, that on the pitch he is a creator:  “It is not enough to have enormous amount of standard schemes. It is important to have your own kick, to carry the game so, that the opponent will have to build on to your game”  - that’s how Vadim Khamuttskikh descried the specification of setter work.

Vadim Khamuttskikh received ovations from the fans for his best dinks.

With enviable constancy Vadim Khamuttskikh saved the balls in most hopeless situations.

Excellently performed himself the setter, original “engine” of the team - Vadim Khamuttskikh. In couple with Igor Shulepov they made one of the most powerful attacking lines in world volleyball.

As usual, Vadim Khamuttskikh astonished with his best tricky motions and powerful serves.

Alas, but today many authoritative specialists think that right now in Russia there is only one setter of the world class - Vadim Khamuttskikh from Belgorod.

Probably, we will never compare with Brazilians and Cubans in the speed of the ball’s treatment. For the game like this we need first-class setters, but right now we have only one setter of the world class - Vadim Khamuttskikh.

For example, our main setter Vadim Khamuttskikh now gets a full freedom of actions and isn’t afraid to be on the bench after this serious mistake, because every inaccuracy he easily compensates by leader qualities, and he doesn’t allowed to become limp neither to himself, no to his partners.

With enviable constancy Vadim Khamuttskikh saved the ball in the most hopeless situations, but the main thing is, that our players, at last learned how to play over “I can’t”.
-Who right now is the best player of your role in Russia?

- Vadim Khamuttskikh, of course. He is much better then his back up man in national team – Ushakov. Vadim always runs a very complicated game. For blockers, to predict his plans is almost impossible task.

His first and yet the only point in Super League, Pablo, as many here already call him Pasha (by the way, probably today in Belgorod not many people remember that favourite of the public has Argentinean citizenship, that’s how people hear like Meana and already got used to him), got in last season, thanks to Vadim Khamuttskikh usual surprises – after Meana’s reception, “lions” setter decided not to set, and in the last minute moved his hands, letting the ball without any difficulties to fall on the opponents side.

When LB setter is OK, opponents don’t have much chance. Everybody, who’ve seen LB game were astonished by the best sets of Vadim Khamuttskikh from the middle of the pitch to the first temp, and also his fascinating, unexpected dinks. Besides, Vadim successfully plays on block, excellently serves and even has time to work in defense.

But Khamuttskikh is Khamuttskikh! Incomparable setter of “Lokomotiv Belogorie” gets the final point for the guests.

Vadim masterly played both balls, and at the same time not only brilliantly managed with his conductor functions, but also because of his amazing emotions and self-feedback he made his partners literally f”fly over the pitch”.

Khamuttskikh continued his series of his humiliating dinks, at the same time “not forgetting” persistently to check Ufimian net to its tensile strength with his serve.

And Vadim Khamuttskikh marked both episodes with usual for him emotional manner, shaking his right fist into the air and it absolutely turned on the fans.

There was a moment when Vadim, trying to save hopeless ball, beautifully in falling, using his soccer abilities, sent the ball to the net, but referee didn’t see this wonderful reception by Vadim Khamuttskikh in proper perspective with a point.

Well, the only connection of all “Lokomotiv” carriages became permanent setter - Vadim Khamuttskikh. Although stubborn statistics gives him only three points for the entire game, not in the last turn because of his resolute qualities and ability to put up the youngsters, experienced Genaguj Shipulin could get his railroad stock back into the right routine, and in the second set, famous train “Belogorie” slip through “Puatie” with the speed 25:8 

- Who from your colleagues by role was an example for you?
- I always liked Vadim Khamuttskikh style; amazingly in his game he can combine adventurism and effectiveness.

“Volleyball is a game in which play 12 people on the pitch, but in either way Belgorod always wins”. (Taras Timoshenko, Half Final of Russian Cup.  December 29, 2005, match “Dynamo” Moscow – “Lokomotiv Belogorie” Belgorod) 

Vadim Khamuttskikh is living volleyball text book!” (Taras Timoshenko, March 2, 2006, match “Lokomotiv-Belogorie” – “Perugia”)


 Translated by Krista


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